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Mentoring Students at The Challenge Foundation

Darwin Horan

With over 20 years of real estate experience, Darwin Horan remains an active figure in the land development industry. As the president and CEO of Ventana Capital, Inc., he oversees the organization’s operations, real estate transactions, and development projects. Moreover, Darwin Horan supports a wide variety of nonprofit organizations, including The Challenge Foundation, Inc.

The goal of breaking the cycle of poverty motivates Challenge to provide educational opportunities for smart, hardworking students. Challenge’s whole-student approach involves awarding students from low-income backgrounds with tuition scholarships and support services tailored to their individual needs.

Formed by Colorado businessman Don McFall, The Challenge Foundation addresses the academic and overall needs of such students through the help of mentors. With Challenge’s support, a mentor forms a partnership with a student and his or her family. Leading the partnership, the mentor serves as a supporter, role model, and source of encouragement for the student. He or she creates a positive environment for character development while stimulating imagination and creativity by sharing experiences and engaging in meaningful conversations with the student. Furthermore, the mentor checks into the student’s academic life and communicates with Challenge about any school-related concern(s). In addition to mentorship, the mentor provides the scholar with friendship. Finally, the mentor helps the scholar achieve his or her dreams and helps position him or her to give back and impact his or her community.

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